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I believe that this was taken in late 1965, in an almond tree at Dave's grandparent's place in Fair Oaks, California. From left to right, it's Mike Thompson, myself, Dave, and Danny Trammell. Didn't everybody want to be the Beatles in some small way?

This was Dave's pride and joy. It was a 1951 Ford truck that his father had built up for him. It had a 265 Chevy V8 in it. The paint was a primer style flat white that oddly managed to stay fairly clean. One time I went to see him and he was standing by the truck about like this and was completely livid. His dad had told him to change the oil in the truck and he had. He'd forgotten to put the drain plug back in after draining the crank case and had just poured 5 quarts of oil through the engine and onto the ground under the truck!!


I believe that this was the summer of 1963. We went camping in Yosemite. It was a lot of fun, but the water was about 33 degrees. New melted snow. If you were able to wade into it at all, your bones began to ache in no time. Nonethess, it was a fun trip.


This was taken April 26, 1964, the day before Dave's 18th birthday. It's me, Mike and Dave. We spent the weekend at Lake Tahoe. I'll try to do some recollecting and write a bit about that weekend another time. Somehow we managed to meet some girls, score some booze and get rip snorting drunk.

This is Dave and his wife, Aimee, just before he left for Viet Nam. They were visiting Danny Trammell (he's in the picture at the top of the page) and his wife in San Jose at the time. Dan took the picture, which is reproduced here with his permission.

Here's a pic of Dave at work in Viet Nam, drawing a picture of his Army buddy Kjell Askevold. You can see the sketch on the page with Dave's art on it.





The saddest picture of all.


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